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Bath air can heat water
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Product parameters
Unit type GM-100H-KFXRS
Power Supply 380V 3N~50Hz
Rated calorific value 39.6kW
Rated input power/current 9.36kW/18A
Maximum input power/current 11.7kW/22.5A
Rated water yield 851L/h
Supply water temperature 55℃
Circulating water flow 6.79m³/h
Water side pressure loss ≤65kPa
COP 4.23
Refrigerant injection R22/2.2kg*2
Maximum operating pressure at low/high pressure side 3.0MPa
Maximum operating pressure of heat exchanger 3.0MPa
Permissible overpressure at exhaust/suction side 2.8/0.7MPa
Maximum Working Pressure on Water Side of Heat Exchanger 1.0MPa
Unit noise ≤66dB(A)
Classification of protection against electric shock I
Waterproof grade IPX4
Specification of Water Pipe Interface R1-1/2"
Unit Outward Size 1500*690*1070mm
Applicable ambient temperature -10℃~43℃

Product introduction

Experience of Bath Hot Water Engineering

The bathroom is divided into two parts: shower and bathing. The shower is supplied with general hot water. The bathroom needs constant temperature equipment. Mainstream approach, the shower part and the first hot water of the bath are provided by the hot water tank. In addition, there are two ways to keep the bath temperature constant. One is to use titanium alloy circulating unit to keep the bath warm. The other is to use ordinary unit with plate heat exchanger to keep the bath warm and save energy. The sewage heat recovery system is adopted to greatly improve the heat. Water use effect, reduce the cost of use. (Just reclaim the heat in the sewage. The sewage and the water are completely separated.)

Air can also be used as a heat source if floor heating is needed in baths, which is generally more energy-saving than traditional boilers.


Characteristics of Bath Hot Water Engineering

Engineering characteristics


Large water consumption

The shower part should be 50L/person, and the large pool bath should consider the primary discharge capacity according to the actual size of the earth.

Big pool needs constant temperature

Generally, large pools should be maintained at 38-40 degrees. Special swimming pool units are needed to circulate heat preservation for large pools. Filtering equipment is necessary. Whether surfing and fountains are needed or not should be considered.


Product advantage

Advantages of product accessories

Remote Monitoring System

On-line parameters of heat pump unit and its water system remotely

Special Compressor for Heat Pump

The special compressor for heat pump can meet the demand of heat pump under extreme application conditions.

Intelligent Electronic Expansion Valve

Accurately adjusting refrigerant flow rate, improving energy efficiency ratio and keeping system temperature running

Spiral heat exchanger

Improve the overall heat transfer efficiency, unique technology to ensure smooth waterway, uniform flow rate

Green environmental protection

Air source heat pump absorbs heat energy from the surrounding natural air, and has little impact on the environment. It is a real environmental protection equipment.

Energy saving and high efficiency

The energy efficiency of air source heat pump water heater heating equal amount of hot water can reach 4 times of that of electric heating, which saves a lot of electric energy.

Safety and comfort

Compared with other devices, it has better security performance. Air source heat pump water heater can ensure that hot water supply is sufficient 24 hours, namely, on-demand, stable temperature, comfortable and fast.。

Easy installation

Units can be installed outdoors, such as in the roof, the ground and other open-air places, occupying a small area, simple installation, no need to set up another working room to save space for users.

Application scenario
Selection reference

Basic parameters needed for design of hot water project in bathhouse

1. Local climatic conditions, annual minimum temperature

2. The grade and orientation of the hotel, whether the room has a bathtub and how big the bathtub is.

3. Number of rooms, water consumption in restaurants and kitchens

4. Water Supply Floor and Equipment Installation Floor

5. Equipment Installation Site (Load-bearing, Area)

6. Power Supply and Water Source

Room Air Energy Host Configuration
100 10P Host/10t Water Tank
150 15P Host/13t Water Tank
200 20P Host/17t Water Tank
250 20P Host/20t Water Tank
300 30P Host/25t Water Tank
350 30P Host/30t Water Tank
400 40P Host/35t Water Tank
※This air energy ratio is for reference only, and the actual construction scheme is the basis.

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