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Formation Reasons and Cleaning Method of Scale in Air Energy in Suzhou

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For some friends who like to take hot baths, whether the heating water is uniform, whether the water output is large, and whether the heating speed is fast or not are all the problems that users will consider. Suzhou air energy manufacturers can solve these problems. Suzhou Longgan Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving and emission-reducing environmental protection enterprise, specially providing users with a variety of air heating, solar energy central heating; industrial high-temperature heat pump, high-temperature drying heat pump, villa ground-source heat pump, central air-conditioning, water pump and water purification equipment.

Scale is inseparable from our life. Its chemical properties are very stable, not only will affect the heat exchange rate, but also too much scale will block the water pipe, make the water flow smaller, resulting in potential safety hazards; scale will even endanger people's health. Air energy and hot water projects must be treated with water, just like anticorrosion projects in the metal equipment industry. Appropriate water treatment for hot water projects can increase the thermal efficiency by 20% - 40%, increase the service life of equipment by 1 - 2 times, and decrease the maintenance rate by 20% - 30%.

The air energy scale in Suzhou can be roughly divided into hard scale and soft scale according to its formation reasons and shape. When there are impurities such as carbonate colloid, bacteria and organic matter in water, carbonate is similar to sand in cement mortar, while colloid, bacteria and organic matter are equivalent to cement in cement mortar. When colloid, bacteria and organic matter in water interact with carbonate, they form under high temperature boiling condition. Hard dirt adhered to containers. Once the viscous substances such as colloid, bacteria and organic matter are removed, even if the concentration of calcium, magnesium and carbonate ions in water is very high, only white and loose carbonate soft scales which are easy to remove will be formed, but no hard scales will be produced.

These are the causes of scale in air energy in Suzhou. After daily use, users must remember to clean regularly so as not to affect the use. Suzhou Longgan Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. not only sells heat pumps, but also provides after-sales maintenance services. Users who need to buy products can call the purchase hotline 0512-653142.

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