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Ground heating is the abbreviation of floor radiation heating, Radiant Floor Heating in English. It is a system that uses the whole ground as a heat sink surface, heating the whole ground evenly and transferring heat from the bottom to the top (mainly using radiation) to achieve the purpose of heating.

Air energy ground heating, also known as heat pump ground heating, refers to the use of low-grade heat energy in the air compressed into high-temperature heat energy, the water temperature is heated to no more than 60 degrees C (the general water temperature is 35-50 degrees C), and as a heat medium circulating in a dedicated pipeline, heating the ground decorative layer, through the ground radiation and convective heat transfer. Ground warming.

Transporting the heat in the air to indoor heating saves 200% of electricity, is 99% safer than electric heating, and provides 24-hour all-weather heating. At present, this kind of "air heating" which combines the advantages mentioned above is rapidly becoming popular in the market and is warmly sought after by consumers in our city.


Product advantage

Advantages of product accessories

Remote Monitoring System

On-line parameters of heat pump unit and its water system remotely

Special Compressor for Heat Pump

The special compressor for heat pump can meet the demand of heat pump under extreme application conditions.

Intelligent Electronic Expansion Valve

Accurately adjusting refrigerant flow rate, improving energy efficiency ratio and keeping system temperature running

Spiral heat exchanger

Improve the overall heat transfer efficiency, unique technology to ensure smooth waterway, uniform flow rate

Green environmental protection

Air source heat pump absorbs heat energy from the surrounding natural air, and has little impact on the environment. It is a real environmental protection equipment.

Energy saving and high efficiency

The energy efficiency of air source heat pump water heater heating equal amount of hot water can reach 4 times of that of electric heating, which saves a lot of electric energy.

Safety and comfort

Compared with other devices, it has better security performance. Air source heat pump water heater can ensure that hot water supply is sufficient 24 hours, namely, on-demand, stable temperature, comfortable and fast.。

Easy installation

Units can be installed outdoors, such as in the roof, the ground and other open-air places, occupying a small area, simple installation, no need to set up another working room to save space for users.

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