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Ultra-low temperature heating
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Ultra-low temperature air source heat pump (Ultra-Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pump) is a device that uses air as a low-grade heat source for heating or heating water. It can also refrigerate in summer. Its characteristic is that quasi-two-stage compression jet enthalpy-increasing heat pump system ensures that the unit can heat normally at - 25 C, realizing the possibility of air source heat pump heating in cold areas.

When the ambient temperature of the unit drops sharply, the attenuation of heat production is minimal. At low temperature, the energy efficiency of heat generation is 50%-80% higher than that of conventional units. When the ambient temperature of the unit drops sharply, the heat generation attenuation is very little, which fully guarantees the heating effect. It can be heated normally at - 25 ~C, and the energy efficiency ratio at - 25 ~C is more than 1.8, which fully guarantees the heating effect at low temperature. It can also be used alone in cold areas of North China.

The main parts of the unit adopt internationally famous brand components.

Separation of water and electricity, no waste gas, waste residue, safety and reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection.

Multiple protection, integrated design, more stable unit operation.

With the function of automatic memory of power failure, the unit can start automatically after the call, without special supervision.

When the ambient temperature is low, the microcomputers automatically start defrosting function.

There is no special computer room and it runs all day.

The installation of the project is simple and the operation and maintenance cost is low.

(1) Extra wide operating range

Operating range of heating system: - 25 ~21

Operating range of refrigeration: 21 ~43

(2) Super high effluent temperature

The effluent temperature is as high as 65

The energy efficiency ratio of national standard heating condition reaches 3.8, while ensuring high energy efficiency of heating, its refrigeration energy efficiency reaches more than 3.1.

(4) Dynamic temperature control

A new generation of fully automatic intelligent micro-computer controller is adopted to achieve more humanized operation mode (heating, refrigeration and hot water) with touch lattice LCD controller designed with humanization.

Product advantage

Advantages of product accessories

Remote Monitoring System

On-line parameters of heat pump unit and its water system remotely

Special Compressor for Heat Pump

The special compressor for heat pump can meet the demand of heat pump under extreme application conditions.

Intelligent Electronic Expansion Valve

Accurately adjusting refrigerant flow rate, improving energy efficiency ratio and keeping system temperature running

Spiral heat exchanger

Improve the overall heat transfer efficiency, unique technology to ensure smooth waterway, uniform flow rate

Green environmental protection

Air source heat pump absorbs heat energy from the surrounding natural air, and has little impact on the environment. It is a real environmental protection equipment.

Energy saving and high efficiency

The energy efficiency of air source heat pump water heater heating equal amount of hot water can reach 4 times of that of electric heating, which saves a lot of electric energy.

Safety and comfort

Compared with other devices, it has better security performance. Air source heat pump water heater can ensure that hot water supply is sufficient 24 hours, namely, on-demand, stable temperature, comfortable and fast.。

Easy installation

Units can be installed outdoors, such as in the roof, the ground and other open-air places, occupying a small area, simple installation, no need to set up another working room to save space for users.

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