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Product parameters
Parameters of 24P Direct Heating Dryer
Drying type   Low Temperature Direct Heating Air Supply
Ambient temperature range ▬5~43
Drying temperature range 30~75
Unit type / AHZZ240S-ZD
Rated calorific value kW 105
Rated input power kW 21.8
Rated current A 55.6
Electric heating power kW 15
Maximum input power kW 43
Maximum input current A 82.85
Power supply form V/Ph/Hz 380/3/50
Compressor form / Fully enclosed scroll enthalpy compressor
Cryogen / Mixed refrigerant/R22
Number of Compressors platform 2
Electrically Heated White Tiger Temperature 105
Accuracy of temperature control / ±3
Fresh air volume m³/h 8500
Shape size (L/W/H)) mm 2236×1660×1620
Packaging dimensions (L/W/H) mm 2400×1760×2000
Net weight kg 1300
Gross weight kg 1500

Product introduction

Wood drying scheme

Wood Drying Scheme (Hot Air Drying Utilization)

1. Wood drying is usually called dehumidification drying, the temperature of drying chamber is generally about 60 C. Most simple dehumidification drying chambers do not have humidifying equipment, so there is no intermediate treatment and balanced treatment. Because the dehumidification drying rate is slow, it is not easy to crack, deformation and other drying quality problems. If there is no steam heating in the dehumidification drying chamber. In the preheating stage, it is difficult to heat through the pipes and nozzles, and if there is no humidifying equipment, the preheating stage is actually pre-drying. With the change of wood moisture content, the temperature, relative humidity and even wind speed of drying medium (air) will change during the heat and mass transfer process of wood drying under time-varying conditions.

Desiccant drying is an energy-saving drying technology, but the energy-saving effect is different in different drying stages. The energy-saving effect is good in the early stage of drying, and decreases in the middle stage of drying, while the dehumidification is not suitable in the later stage of drying. Because the dehumidification drying temperature is low, the drying time is long, and the energy-saving effect is best only in the early stage of drying, the dehumidification drying is suitable for pre-drying or as the first stage combined with conventional drying.

2. In order to realize the forced drying of wood, wood drying equipment must have three basic functions: heating, humidity control and ventilation. It is self-evident that the heating function is self-evident; humidity regulation (steam or mist water) is used to protect the high humidity environment needed in some drying stages and prevent wood cracking and deformation; ventilation equipment must ensure that hot and humid air evenly passes through all parts of the wood pile, so as to make the moisture content of the wood evenly after drying.

3. Fresh wood contains a lot of water, which will evaporate continuously under certain environment. Natural evaporation of water will lead to wood shrinkage, cracking, bending deformation, mildew and other defects, which seriously affect the quality of wood products. Therefore, wood must be forced (controlled) drying before making all kinds of wood products. Correct drying treatment can overcome the above wood defects and improve wood mechanics. Strength and improvement of wood processing performance are important measures to make rational use of wood and increase the value of wood. They are also the first indispensable process in wood products production.

Product advantage

Characteristics of sludge dryer:

1. The equipment has compact structure, large effective heat transfer area and small occupation area.

2. Uniform mixing, high thermal efficiency and good drying effect.

3. The blade shafts can mesh with each other and have the function of self-cleaning, which can prevent the material from sticking to the wall.

4. Low energy consumption and low operation cost;

5. Small dust entrainment and material loss;

6. Indirect heating and non-polluting materials;

7. The blade shaft has low speed and does not destroy the shape and properties of the product.

8. The equipment is easy to operate and runs smoothly and reliably.

Technological superiority

(1) Creative and efficient drying system

Longgan, Suzhou, is a company that can design sludge dryer by comprehensive utilization of four-fold condensation dehumidification, enhanced drying and low resistance heat recovery technology. It is also a brand that has mastered advanced technology in the field of sludge drying. The energy efficiency ratio of desiccant system (SMER) is as high as 4.2kg.H2O/kw.h, which saves more than 50% energy than similar drying technology.

(2) First-class heat pump dehumidification module

Suzhou Longgan has been the leading enterprise in the industry of special HVAC for many years. It has abundant technology accumulation. The selected heat pump components and energy-saving fans are well-known international brands. The high-efficiency heat exchanger is the patented technology independently developed by Shenling R&D center and post-doctoral workstation for many years, which guarantees the heat. High efficiency and reliability of pump dehumidification system.

(3) Anti-corrosion measures of specifications

Suzhou Longgan products are widely used in nuclear power, military, aerospace and electronic fields. They have comprehensive anti-corrosion technology measures and technical means. These measures and means are applied to sludge drying equipment to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment.

(4) Advanced automatic remote control

Suzhou Longgan controller improves the stability, rapidity and accuracy of the system. The device can support various communication protocols (including Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, etc.) to access the host computer for remote control. At the same time, we can also provide mobile APP to achieve data monitoring at the mobile end.

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