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Suzhou Longgan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Longgan is a professional manufacturer of air-energy heat pump, air-energy dryer, electroplated air-energy heat pump design, research and development, production; since 2003, it has served the East China market; Longgan air can implement manufacturer direct sales model; high-quality air-energy heat pump system, technology, timely service, source manufacturers'prices are real. In delivering to customers; deeply loved and trusted by customers.

In 2013, in order to maintain sustainable development, the company opened three major production bases in Shanghai, Guangdong Province; the factory adopted automatic and intelligent production lines; passed the ISO 9001 certification, China Environmental Mark Product Certification, China Energy-saving Product Certification, Suzhou Longgan adhered to science and technology to create value; Longgan Air can have industry-class design, research and development, system. Manufacturing, system integration team, advanced quality control management; produced air energy water heater, air energy dryer, electroplated air can be widely used with hotels, hospitals, troops, factories, enterprises and institutions. There are more than 20,000 successful cases in the industry, the process and quality have reached the international level.

Longgan, Suzhou, follows the principle that science and technology is the first productive force; cooperates with relevant colleges and universities; pays attention to the absorption of technological and technological talents, and implements full ownership of the company; encourages employees to love their posts and devote themselves to their work; and creates value! We take high-quality products as the power source for enterprises to transport; devote ourselves to high-quality products to meet the individual needs of customers; Longgan air energy dryer adopts the patented inventions of Zou Liusheng, Mr. Wang Guiyuan, a big cafe in the heat pump industry; it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, good dehumidification effect; and baked agricultural products and food products. No pollution; fragrance, air dryer quality has a leading level in the industry.

The company strictly adheres to the management policy of creating value for customers; product development and production are closely related to the actual use needs of users, through the baptism of the market and the love of people, we can better understand the actual needs of customers, and more able to personalize the user's hot water system, plating high temperature heat pump, high temperature drying heat pump for each user. System design. To maximize the energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient use of the effect, really save every penny for customers!

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